Types of Jewelry we Repair

It can be extremely frustrating when a favorite piece of jewelry breaks and you can no longer wear it. Even if something is just loose, you don’t want to risk losing it, so it often ends up getting placed in a jewelry box and forgotten about. Rather than doing that, why don’t you look into getting it fixed? We offer high quality jewelry repair on Long Island, and can help get your items back into perfect condition without much trouble at all. This is an extremely affordable way to get your jewelry tightened up and repaired, no matter what is wrong with it. We serve people from throughout Suffolk County and are happy to take a look at your specific piece to see what is wrong with it. Once we take a look, we will let you know how much it will be and how long it will take to repair. In most cases, we are significantly less expensive than a jewelry store or other repair shop, which makes us an affordable option for jewelry repair on Long Island.

Types of Jewelry we Work on

We are happy to take a look at any type of jewelry you might need fixed. The following are some of the more common types of jewelry that we repair, but if you have something else, just let us know.

  • • Rings – We can tighten up loose stones, or even replace missing ones. We can also resize and adjust most types of rings.
  • • Earrings – Let us replace gemstones or fix the backing so that you can begin wearing these earrings again.
  • • Necklace – We can repair or replace clasps, fix missing parts or tighten up loose parts of the piece.
  • • Bracelets – We can fix many problems with bracelets including the clasp, the size or the diamond set area.

Whatever happens to be wrong with your jewelry, just let us know and we can take a look. In most cases we will be able to get everything fixed up properly so you can begin enjoying the jewelry again in no time.

Fast and Accurate Estimates

If you bring your jewelry in our shop for repair, we can take a look at what is wrong and give you an estimate on how much it will be to fix. This way, you can decide whether or not you want to invest in the jewelry repair in Long Island. We will never pressure you into doing something you don’t want done. In addition, if you decide you want to wait to have it fixed, we’ll be here for you when you are ready.

Contact Us

No matter what type of jewelry you have that is broken, or even why it is broken, please bring it into our shop to take a look. You can walk in our shop for a free estimate anytime, or call to set up an appointment, whichever is easier for you. We’ll be here to repair your jewelry using the highest quality parts and equipment.