Why Choose a Pawn Shop to Sell Gold

It seems like you can’t go more than an hour or so without seeing an advertisement on television, or a billboard, that talks about selling gold. Due to the high prices of gold today, many different companies are beginning to buy and sell gold, which can make it difficult for people to know which company is the best one to work with. Of course, we believe that if you want to sell gold on Long Island, our pawn shop is the best option available. That isn’t just because we take pride in our business, however. There are many objective reasons why we are better than any other option.

Years of Experience

Just about all the people you see advertising their ability to buy gold have just gotten into this business within the last few years. They saw an opportunity to make money on the high gold prices, and jumped right in. Our Suffolk County pawn shop, however, has been held a precious metal license for many years.This experience means that we can act more quickly, and often pay higher prices per ounce than anyone else. In addition, we aren’t just some ‘flash in the pan’ company that is here to make some profit and then move on to the next fad. We are looking to build a great relationship with all our customers.

Paying Higher Prices

The market price for each ounce of gold changes frequently throughout the day, which can make it hard for any company to know exactly how much they are able to pay. Since we have years of experience in this area, however, we have an excellent system in place that helps us to make our buying decisions. For our customers, this means that we can pay you more for each ounce of gold that you bring in than anyone else in the area.

Faster Buying

Another benefit is that we have all the equipment right on site to determine how much gold you have and how pure it is. We don’t have to ship it off to some other office to get that done, so the entire process of selling your gold to us is very quick. In most cases, you can sell gold right in our Long Island shop and walk out with cash in under an hour.

Accurate Pricing

While many people do have solid gold rings, gold coins or even gold bars, a lot of people have jewelry that is only partly made of gold. This can make it difficult for some companies to determine the actual value. In fact, some cases will only pay for the value of the gold in the jewelry, ignoring any other items like precious stones or gems. Here at our Long Island pawn shop, however, we will determine the total value of your items and pay accordingly.

Contact Us Today

If you have any type of gold you would like to sell here on Long Island, or anywhere in Suffolk County, please contact us today. We buy gold for top dollar and would be happy to help you. You can call us with questions, or stop in and get paid cash for gold immediately.