Tips for Selling Coins

Millions of people collect coins of one type or another. It is truly an enjoyable hobby that you can start at any age and continue for your entire life. For many collectors, there comes a time when they want or need to sell one or more coins. This could be because they need some extra cash, they have duplicates of certain coins, or want the money to invest into another coin or set of coins. Whatever the reason, it is important to know exactly how and where to sell your coins for top dollar. For those who are looking to sell coins on Long Island, our pawn shop is an ideal option. We are a coin dealer and expert coin buyers who would be more than happy to buy your coins any time you are looking to sell.

Types of Coins we Buy

One thing that helps to set us apart from other buyers is that we buy almost any type of coins imaginable. So, if you want to sell gold coins, sell silver coins, sell antique coins, or sell any other type of coins, we are here for you. Our coin experts have helped people throughout Suffolk County and beyond many times, and would be happy to assist you as well.

Coin Experts

Another thing that many coin collectors like about working with us when they sell coins is that we are also coin collectors. While we do it as a business, the fact is we really love the coins we buy and sell. Many of our employees have in depth knowledge about all types of coins that come in and out of our shop, which makes it much easier for collectors to work out a fair deal.

Trade Your Coins

Many coin collectors come to our Long Island pawn shop to sell one or more coins that they have, and then use that money toward other valuable coins that they want. This is a great way to complete a collection or a set that you have been looking for. Since we work with many of the top coin collectors in the area, our inventory is constantly changing. This can make it fun and easy to find coins you need, and sell coins that you don’t.

Get a Loan from Coins

If you need some extra money for one reason or another, but don’t want to actually sell your coins, we can help with that too. As a high end pawn shop we can give you a loan while using your coins as collateral. You can get money right away, and then when you pay it back you get your coins returned. This is a wonderful way to avoid taking out traditional loans, or even having to sell coins when you don’t want to.

Contact Us Today

Whether you are looking to buy coins or sell coins, we are the best option in Suffolk County. We would love to hear from you, and take a look at your collection to see how much it is worth. Call us, or stop in our shop today to learn more.