long island jewelry storeA tennis bracelet has come to signify fashion, elegance and timeless beauty.  A bracelet containing many small diamonds linked together is called a tennis bracelet. A very popular and beautiful piece of jewelry, a tennis bracelet is a coveted item for many. But where did this classic and well-known piece of sparkle and elegance get its name?

Believe it or not, the term for this bracelet does actually have something to do with tennis! The name came about in 1987 when the famous woman’s tennis player, Chris Everett was playing in a televised match during the U.S. Open.  She was wearing a diamond bracelet and during the match, the clasp on her bracelet broke and the bracelet slipped off of her wrist. She requested that the match be suspended until she found her bracelet. Her request was granted, and because of this incident (which was watched on television by millions), the bracelet became known as a diamond tennis bracelet.

A classic tennis bracelet, once called an eternity bracelet, is an in-line bracelet with a pattern of symmetrical and individually set diamonds with a clasp. It’s a bracelet, but usually is not worn while playing tennis. Over the years, the bracelets have become an elegant fashion statement and make great gifts for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays or any special occasion.

Although the classic version of the tennis bracelet has a string of diamonds set in yellow gold, there are many more options in tennis bracelets available today. There are different gemstones to choose from, such as rubies, garnets, sapphires or emeralds. Cubic zirconium is sometimes used, making the bracelets more affordable. Along with yellow gold, the bracelets are made using white gold, sterling silver and platinum. Now any bracelet with an in-line, repetitive design is considered a tennis bracelet.

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