Are you tired of standing in lines at overcrowded malls? Are you done with paying inflated prices at big box jewelry stores or department stores? Are you short on funds to even buy any gifts this year? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Gold Coast Jewelry & Pawn may be the smart alternative you are looking for to do your holiday shopping this year.
Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn is a reputable full-service jewelry and watch store that also features many other items for sale such as antiques, collectables, sports memorabilia, electronics, instruments and more, for holiday shopping. Stop into our showroom and browse through all the items we have to offer. You will never wait on a long line and you will always receive personal service and attention from our knowledgeable staff.

If you are interested in purchasing a watch, Gold Coast is an authorized Ball Watch and Seiko watch dealer and we have a large inventory of pre-owned luxury watches made by the best manufacturers including Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Tag, Swiss Ball and many more. All of our watches are in excellent condition and they are always sold at the most competitive prices. Check out our holiday sales on all of our items throughout the month of December!

Perhaps you have a nice watch that you would like to wear for the holidays but it isn’t working; keep in mind that we also do watch repairs. If you come in to shop, drop your watch off for a repair!

Jewelry is often a popular gift to give at the holidays and at Gold Coast we have an extensive inventory of the finest jewelry offered at unbelievably low prices. Our showroom features a huge selection of brand new and custom-made jewelry that is sold well below retail prices and we also have a large assortment of quality pre-owned jewelry offered at heavily discounted rates. We have an onsite experienced gemologist who can assist you with all your jewelry questions and needs.

At Gold Coast Jewelry & Pawn, we also offer collateral loans so you can get some extra cash for holiday shopping. If you have an item of value, such as a watch or a piece of jewelry, that you are interested in pawning, bring it into Gold Coast. Our professional staff can appraise your item and authenticate its validity. Once an amount is agreed upon, you will be paid cash immediately. You can choose to either sell the item outright or pay back a collateral loan in the future. Our staff will fully discuss these options with you and either way, you will receive the funds you need for some holiday shopping!

Skip the lines at the mall and avoid paying too much money for overpriced items – come to Gold Coast today to do some holiday shopping! You won’t regret it and you just might be back to shop for that first birthday of the new year!