Here’s a different (and more affordable) approach to finding the perfect ring!

The holidays are a popular time to get engaged. It is an exciting time of the year already and many people choose this special time of the year to celebrate their love for each other with a marriage proposal! However, added to all the other holiday expenses, an engagement ring can cause a real financial strain.
It is good to know that there are definitely alternatives to those pricey engagement rings often sold at big box jewelry stores or high-end department stores. In addition to their already high prices, these retailers often inflate the prices of engagement rings during the holidays!
The average cost of a brand new engagement ring is $4,000. That is quite a bit of money that could be spent on other holiday shopping, a down payment on a new house, a honeymoon, wedding expenses, or even student loans. Before popping the question, it is important to realize that there are many other options available when you are looking to purchase a beautiful engagement ring!

How to Spend Less on an Engagement Ring without Sacrificing Quality:

Check out preowned engagement rings.

If you are seeking a combination of high quality and affordability, consider shopping at Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn when you are looking for an engagement ring. Gold Coast is a trusted jewelry store and pawn shop that has an extensive inventory of premium engagement rings with prices that will not cripple your bank account. Our showroom features a large and diverse selection of brand-new jewelry that is always sold well below retail prices. In addition, we have a large assortment of quality pre-owned jewelry that has been cleaned, polished and/ or repaired, and is offered at heavily discounted rates.

Pawn shops are also ideal for selling or pawning your jewelry or any other valuable items you may have, to obtain additional funds to purchase a beautiful engagement ring. Over the years the average consumer pawn loan has greatly increased and it continues to climb every year.

While diamonds are always the most popular choice – you always have alternatives.

It may be tradition, but no one says that engagement rings have to feature a diamond. There are plenty of gorgeous gemstones to choose from, including some that closely resemble diamonds without the hefty price tag. Why not consider one of these diamond look-alikes or a stone that is beautiful and unique on its own?

Moissanite – This stone comes in just behind diamonds in terms of hardness. And the best part is that Moissanite is typically more brilliant and shinier than your average diamond!
White Sapphire – Diamonds may be four times harder than sapphire, but the white sapphire is essentially colorless, making it look pretty close to a diamond. It is an extremely hard and scratch resistant mineral and it has a brilliant shine and sparkle! White sapphire engagement rings are extremely durable!

Blue Sapphire – Blue sapphire is a beautiful and impressive blue gemstone that symbolizes purity, loyalty, and trust. With its alluring blue color, impressive clarity, and hardness, sapphire is the most popular gemstone. Both Princess Diana and Princess Kate had blue sapphire engagement rings!

Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearls – All of these gems have gained in popularity over the years. These distinctive gems can be used to create a truly unique engagement ring setting!
Trust Gold Coast for the highest quality jewelry.

Whether it’s a stunning diamond, a clear stone that looks almost as sparkly as the real thing, or a colored stone that will set your ring apart, Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn has so many beautiful rings and unique stones to choose from. Keep in mind that Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn is a reliable precious metals dealer with an experienced gemologist on staff; so they can discuss all the qualities and benefits of the different gemstones with you.

Trust Gold Coast to combine the essential benefits of quality, beauty and affordability when choosing and purchasing an engagement ring. Stop into our showroom today to find the perfect ring or any other holiday gifts for the one you love!