So, you’re thinking about selling some of your jewelry. Whether it is gold, silver, diamonds, or estate jewelry, you can often get the most for your goods at a high-end pawn shop.
At Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn, we have an experienced gemologist on site that who can evaluate any jewelry that may contain precious stones or gems and we are a licensed and experienced precious metals dealer that can offer you competitive rates for your gold and fine jewelry. Because of our experience and impressive offers, customers have recommended our services to many other clients who are interested in selling their jewelry.

If you decide to sell your jewelry, following are few tips to guide you through the process.

Have a Plan: Selling Jewelry versus Obtaining a Collateral Loan

Before you step foot in a pawn shop, you must decide what sort of transaction you are looking for. Of course, selling your goods and getting a loan are two very different things.
Today, pawn shop loans are becoming more and more common. And gone are the negative connotations that used to be attached to a pawn shop. A pawn shop is not a shady or unscrupulous place, it is a legitimate outlet to sell goods or obtain collateral loans. In fact, almost 80% of customers are taking out a loan more than twice a year, and the average national pawn loan increased from $80.00 in 2008 to $150.00 in 2011. And today, the average collateral loan amounts in New York are even higher than the national average.

Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn is a reputable and professional business that has been providing collateral loans to the community for almost a decade. At Gold Coast, we offer short-term loans for up to four months as governed by New York State and we accept any high-end items including jewelry, watches or antiques that you may want to pawn. This money is just a loan, however, and to get the full value in cash, selling your jewelry is ideal.

Have Your Items Appraised

At Gold Coast, our professional staff can appraise your item and authenticate its validity right on site. We will give you an accurate appraisal that will tell you if your diamonds and gems are real or man-made, their level of purity, and how much each piece is worth in the current marketplace. In addition, all items are weighed on a state registered scale that is inspected yearly for accurate weights and measurements. Keep in mind that you are never under any obligation to accept the amount offered.

Choose the Right Pawn Shop

Gold Coast Jewelry and Pawn has years of experience and all the proper equipment right on site to determine the exact value of your jewelry. We often pay higher prices than anyone else and the entire selling and evaluation process may take less than fifteen minutes.

Selling your jewelry may be the solution you’ve been looking for, especially if you are in need of immediate funds. Stop by Gold Coast Jewelry & Pawn and let our experienced and knowledgeable staff make the entire process simple and profitable for you!